4 Great Features of the Sleeper Trucks of Today

4 Great Features of the Sleeper Trucks of Today

Anyone so deeply immersed in a trucking career can legitimately claim that life on the road is challenging, exhausting, and at the same time, tiresome. Driving for long hours for days or even weeks all by yourself can get lonely. And this is the reason why car manufacturers today thought of making life a little better for truck drivers. And so, the sleeper cab was born.


But then again, the cabs of today are far more different from those of yesteryears, in terms of features. Where in the past, sleeper cabs installed with air conditioning systems and simple bunk beds were built merely to conform to state regulations, these days, however, they have been designed more for comfort than anything else. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you can now find those types of vehicles with fantastic upgrades.


Many of the ultra-modern sleeper trucks have superb features that include, among others, modern showers and toilets, comfortable beds or large mattresses, an upscale kitchen with a dining table, fridge, microwave ovens, and even amenities for entertainment like gaming stations, LED TV, sound system, and more.


Using modern technology, trucks with sleeper berths are now installed with state-of-the-art alarm systems not only for the driver but for the vehicle’s safety as well. Not only that, some trucks even have a terrific interior living space. You can forget your own home for a while and just wish the journey never ends. 


Power outlets and power inverters are present in which you may plug in your smart devices, such as your phone, tablet, or game console, for charging them up on the battery of your sleeper truck! With all these innovations, truck owners/operators can now have their dream trucks custom-built for them.

In particular, here are some popular brands with their corresponding excellent features that make them different from all the rest.  

1. Aerodynamic design 

The VNL Series from Volvo presents trucks with low-profile and contoured features specifically to improve fuel efficiency. The trucks’ redesigned exteriors allow for better airflow; their cutting-edge LED lighting for enhanced visibility as well as reduced maintenance. The adjustable seating has been optimized. The dashboard and steering wheel enable drivers to get information quickly from the controls with less distraction.


2. Power engines 

Cascadia Freightliner boasts of its Detroit Integrated Powertrain (IDP) for optimum drivetrain efficiency. They have set brilliant safety standards through the disc brakes and collision mitigation system which aim to reduce accidents and ensure driver protection.

3. Designed for maximum space and comfort 

Peterbilt’s newest model, the 579 UltraLoft has an integrated 80-inch high-loft sleeper providing plenty of space for drivers and modern amenities to enjoy while simultaneously boosting fuel efficiency.

4. Optimum safety mechanisms 

Kenworth has come up with their Driver Assistance technologies that include Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, and Side Object Detection. All these are meant to help drivers drive safely and less strenuously.


Owning a sleeper truck today with all these outstanding features is a surefire way to gain profit. If you’re looking for sleeper trucks for sale whether new or used, UsedVending is your to-go company. Open this link and find the best trucks with prices you can afford.


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