5 Great Tips You Should Know Before Selling Your Old Semi Trucks

5 Great Tips You Should Know Before Selling Your Old Semi Trucks

After giving it a lot of thought lately, now you’re finally deciding to let go of your decades-long trusted semi trucks. You needed the new upgrades for your own prosperity and progress so it’s really time to bid goodbye. Here’s what you need to know before you dispose of your antiquated fleet.

Before Selling Your Old Semis: 5 Tips

There are selling tips to consider to get a good amount of cash in return. Hence, it’s important to follow the right approach. Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Put the right price tag.

Experts say it’s wrong to offer your old semi trucks for sale at an initial cheaper price. You’re going to lose not only money but your best 18-wheelers as well. Contrarily, offering a very high price tag won’t work either as there’s a chance nobody will risk buying used trucks.  

What to do? Make as many comparisons from diverse sources on the trending prices, models, and brands that are similar to what you own. The more data you get, the easier it is to determine the right price.


Now, how to deal with an interested buyer who asks for a lower price? Most likely, you both will have to agree on a range that matches your liking. In case of difficulty in calculating the most appropriate price, consult a trusted selling agent.

  1. Know your target market.

Selling your semis at the local market or overseas? You need to research the downsides and upsides when selling locally or internationally since your market type can affect the selling price and costs related to shipping/delivery. 

Whoever you deem are the sincerest among the prospective buyers, should be the one to get the first alerts. Further, you have to sacrifice your time getting on the phone and answering all inquiries. Who knows, some deals are going to be closed after speaking with one of them.


  1. Present clean machines.

What turns a buyer off and lowballs your heavy equipment for sale is an unkempt look. Certainly, a worn-down appearance means poor maintenance which spells disaster. Before taking shots on your tractor-trailers, make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned inside and out and from top to bottom. Check every portion to see if they’re really in good shape and looking as if brand-new. Remember, a more desirable appearance of your units commands a higher price.


  1. Be transparent.

Keep all the correct information handy. Surely, all buyers are eager to learn about the trucks’ information, past and present. To sell fast, post all the necessary details to convince buyers such as horsepower, torque, maintenance journal, mileage figures, and especially the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


  1. Search for the right websites.

Take time to choose which websites are listing used semi trucks for sale as there are hundreds of them, some legit, some bogus. While some offer free listings, others come with a fee. A tried-and-tested site paves the way to a fair amount besides offering you the security of your private information.

The bottom line is, before putting up your old semi trucks for sale, consider those key points cited above if you want to secure the best possible price. If you can’t find a marketing agent, get help from Used Vending, a reputable dealer of used trucks. Check out this link to help you sell fast and safely.



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