5 Important Reminders Before Driving a Beverage Truck

5 Important Reminders Before Driving a Beverage Truck

Want to venture into the world of food-and-beverage selling? Then by all means, buy a food and beverage truck. It’s pretty advantageous if you already know how to drive this kind of vehicle and with a legit license. That way, you no longer have to hire a qualified driver for this purpose alone.

But then, isn’t it also tedious to drive and still have to prepare, cook and sell your items at the same time, all by yourself? Chances are, you’re not going to last long in this niche!

For newbie entrepreneurs, before you or your hired driver start driving down the road, experts remind you of these things:

  1. Review your business license 

Check its expiry date and the time for renewal. Your business license is a vital piece of document as this is the government’s way of recognizing your legitimacy as a business operator. This is also the basis for your tax payments. You might be too immersed in your beverage truck business that you tend to forget your license is nearing its expiry.  

  1. Check your Employee Identification Number once more 

If you have a staff or two working for you then you’re identified as an employer. Also referred to as Social Security Number, the EIN is proof that you can lawfully hire employees. Remember that there are US states that issue federal tax ID numbers along with business licenses. Keep them handy. You never know when an inspection will be conducted.

  1. Don’t forget your driver’s license 

Along with those 2 documents mentioned above, your driver’s license is equally important before getting your mobile kitchen on the road. To drive a food and beverage truck, you must secure a valid driver’s license as well as register your truck. There are states though that will need to know your truck’s weight and length in order to determine the need to apply for a Commercial Driver’s License.

  1. Determine if there’s a need to secure a Food Handler’s License 

Given that you’re only specializing in drinks, you might not need one. However, in case of a food and beverage truck venture, surely you as the owner/manager will be required to finish a food handler’s training and a food safety course. Or else, any of your employees may attend such. In this business, your customers will have peace of mind knowing that the people involved in operations have the know-how and skill in safe food handling as well as sanitation.

  1. Check the need for parking permits 

Before getting that truck to the areas where you plan to sell your beverages, check out with the local county clerk first if a parking permit is required. There are cities that impose parking restrictions on food trucks as there are also designated places for such business purposes. If indeed a parking permit is necessary, get one and know where and when you can park your vehicle during business hours. The nice thing about these permits, you can park your truck overnight safely on the street otherwise it indicates you have to park in a garage during off hours.

So now that you already have an idea, be sure to keep these reminders in your head for a smooth flow of operations. If you’re searching for another used beverage truck for sale, UsedVending has a wide array to choose from. Visit this page and see interesting information.


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