Types of Lights and Lanterns Indians Use During Diwali

Types of Lights and Lanterns Indians Use During Diwali

The traditional festival of lights is not complete without the bright and vibrant light illuminating every nook and corner of the surroundings. The auspicious festival of Diwali or Deepawali is marked to commemorate the advent of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lord Lakshama after a fourteen-year exile. It was an Amavasya night, and there was no source of light present. People lit earthen diyas with oil and ghee to ignite the whole town and welcomed them with open arms. Nowadays, the way of celebration has evolved many folds.

People use different types of light sources for Diwali celebrations to add merriment and remove the darkness. Continue reading to learn more about what people use and what you can incorporate into the festivities.

Earthen Diyas

The primary and fundamental thing to bring light or triumph over the darkness is the usage of earthen diyas and light them using oil or ghee. People use a wide range of Diwali diya available to decorate their homes and make a queue of lit diyas, such as painted diyas, fancy Diwali diyas, designer diyas, artificial diyas, and so much more. Using a diya signifies goodness, purity, the victory of good over evil, and the triumph of light over darkness.

Light Stings and Hanging Lanterns

People decorate their homes using fairy or rice light strings of different colours, bulbs, and hanging lanterns to add a sparkle and make the celebrations bling. Diwali is a festival of sheer happiness and prosperity, and lighting the surroundings during the celebrations shows how much joy the arena holds.

Sky Lanterns

Using sky lanterns at the end of the festival is like a tradition to mark it as completed. People gather around with their family and friends, lit different sky lanterns, and launch them. It is also an eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival. Using sky lanterns that are usually made of paper eliminates the usage of hazardous firecrackers. Read below to find the types of lanterns you can use to make your Diwali celebrations blissful.

Plain Colourful Lanterns

The basic lanterns in colours like white, pink, green, and yellow, to name a few, look exquisite in the night sky, floating with a lit candle inside. Incorporate these delightful lanterns to make your Diwali celebrations memorable.

Chinese Scripture Engraved Lanterns

Chinese people launch sky lanterns on special occasions like weddings, believing it brings good luck. Using Chinese Scripture lanterns during Diwali is a trend these days. Different colours have different interpretations; for example, a red lantern represents good fortune, an orange symbolises money, and a white symbolises good health.

Papier Mache Lanterns

Nowadays, people love to DIY everything. No matter the occasion, everyone can witness the pivot to eco-friendly and handmade things. For Diwali celebrations, you can make papier mache sky lanterns by mixing waste paper with wax, drying it completely, and lighting them. It is one of the easiest ways to make papier mache sky lanterns for Diwali.

Traditional Chinese Lanterns

The usage of traditional Chinese lanterns is trending among people, as the appearance of these round lanterns in different colours and prints makes the surroundings look exquisite. Some lanterns even come with dangling frills.

Decorative Bamboo Lanterns

For Diwali celebrations, these lanterns are perfect and more durable. They are not just made using paper but also have bamboo sticks to hold the lantern properly.

Indian Phanusa Lanterns

Phanusa is a Bengali word that in Hindi translates to Laalten and, in English, Lantern. These lanterns are usually a little big and stay lit for a longer time.

Hot Air Balloon Lanterns

The famous hot air balloon-shaped lanterns are perfect for your Diwali celebrations. Usually, a single balloon is lit by the whole family because of its size and staying lit for a longer time.

Long Cylindrical Lanterns

You can use these long cylindrical shape lanterns for your Diwali celebrations to have a magical and cherishable time with your near and dear ones.

Wrapping Up

There you have the list of astounding sources of light people use to illuminate their homes and every nook and corner of their surroundings to make the celebration of Diwali memorable and sparkling. The significance and importance of Diwali or Deepawali are embodied in the lights, which makes it one of the most awaited festivals. You can also choose the above-mentioned things as Diwali gifts for your near and dear ones to bring a smile to their faces. Say no to crackers and celebrate the festival with utmost bliss and laughter with friends and family.



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