Real Flame Accent 800: The Preferred Fireplace Choice in Homes

Real Flame Accent 800: The Preferred Fireplace Choice in Homes

Real Flame Accent 800 is an affordable and effective electrical heating option that has proved to be a great alternative to the traditional fireplace. It is based on the new power flue technology that enables its installation in various applications. It also enhances the look of the living room. The accent displays a brightly glowing flame pattern that is compact and easily fits into the average living room and can be conveniently controlled with a button on the remote control.

Real Flame Accent: The Company

Real Flame is a homegrown company that has been successful in revolutionizing the fireplace industry. It has been one of the leading names in the industry with its highest standard products of gas, wood, and electric fireplaces. The company has consistently made technical and design innovations in its products, making them more user-friendly, energy-efficient, and easy to install. Real Flame Accent 800 is one of their highly successful and popular products in the electrical fireplace sector. They have been helping families across the country to brave the cold days by providing cost-effective solutions for nearly four decades, since 1983.

Besides being a highly efficient heating source, their contemporary fireplace designs. Add a touch of elegance and style to the home where they are installed. Along with a wide range of interior fireplace designs, they have also come out with various outdoor designs.

Outstanding features of Real Flame Accent 800

The electric fireplace model, Real Flame Accent 800, is highly popular for its cost-effectiveness, high quality, and performance standards. Some of its special features include:

  • Fully remote controlled
  • The high energy efficiency of 4.5 stars
  • Uses a double-glazed space heater
  • Stunning flame patterns
  • Flexibility in installation in varied spaces is possible due to the new power-balanced flue technology

What makes electric fireplaces, including Real Flame Accent 800, popular in Australian homes?

Maintaining a traditional wood-based fireplace is not easy. The people who plan to buy an electric fireplace are spoilt for choice due to their wide range of products. It can be an expensive affair too, and as a result, the demand for electric fireplaces such as Real Flame Accent 800 has skyrocketed in recent years. The electric fireplace sector also has seen tremendous changes in the products available today. Each product has something unique and distinctive that may appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities and, most importantly, align with your budget.

With the most advanced technologies being employed in electric fireplaces being manufactured these days, the design possibilities are immense. Many electric fireplaces come fitted with visual graphic features such as LED lights that appear to project flames. These flames look so realistic that you may, for a moment, forget that they are just an arrangement of lights and not actual fire. Also, you have the option to change its colour, brightness, design, and speed with your remote. Thus, you can change the lighting effects according to your mood.

To add to the experience, audio-visual elements have been added to some of the models. So, along with the flames, you can see the sparks and the red embers at the bottom, as seen in a fireplace with wooden logs. Also, you can hear the crackling sound associated with wood burning in the traditional fireplace.

The other factors that have contributed greatly to the increasing popularity of electric fireplaces such as Real Flame Accent 800 are:

  • Quick heating at the touch of a button: Unlike the olden days, when lighting a fire was a tedious process, today. It is as easy as switching on any appliance, making it very convenient for the user.
  • Temperature can regulate: The presence of a thermostat enables the user to control the heat levels according to their needs.
  • Pollution-free heating source: Electric fireplaces such as Real Flame Accent 800 are eco-friendly and energy-efficient options. That do not release any combustible-product, as is seen in wood and gas-base fireplaces.
  • Safe for everybody: The heating components are encase and conceale in metal grills, thus making the entire set-up safe even for kids and pets.


If you are looking for real flame accent fireplace options to add to your home, the Real Flame Accent 800 electric fireplace can be just the most suitable option for you for its efficiency, affordability, and appealing looks.


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