App Trends in The Business World

App Trends in The Business World

The mobile application industry is transforming and redefining businesses. No matter what business you are running or the size of your company, knowing the latest mobile app development trends will help extend your marketing strategy and reach out to a broader audience.

Today, apps are being developed faster to meet the rising demand. It is also possible to design and develop apps quicker than before, thanks to a slew of developer tools on Mac and Windows.

Here are the latest trends in mobile app development.

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed people’s lifestyles and forced everyone to adopt a digital-first alternative. Everything is done online, from purchasing clothes and groceries to paying people for services. Purchasing online services and products has been made easy with mobile wallets. These have simplified online payments and ensured they’re accessible to everyone.

Since everyone embraces online payments, service providers are pushing to make their products more secure and better. One of the primary concerns when developing mobile wallets is the security of transactions and funds.

In this sector, ease of payment and security will drive innovation.

  • Wearables

Wearables are taking the world by storm. They have become ubiquitous as you see people everywhere wearing the latest wearables.

Today, every manufacturer is gearing up to offer their version of smart earbuds or the smartwatch. These devices can do everything, from attending calls to replying to texts and helping users navigate to their destination.

With the industry valued at more than $44 billion, it is safe to say that wearables are among the top mobile application trends.

  • AR & VR in mobile app development

Do you remember the massive success of Pokemon Go? The game spread like wildfire, and every one in three people was hooked on this game. Although the game’s temporary success paved the way for AR or augmented reality in mobile application development.

The game showed the world the practical uses of AR and VR and how they can provide users with an immersive experience.

Looking around, you will notice that brands already use AR and AR to enhance user experience. For example, Ikea uses AR to let people see how they can use furniture in their homes before they purchase it.

Meta, Google, and Apple also bring massive innovations in Ar and AR. For instance, Google introduced Live View in Google Maps, and this feature helps users to see the direction in real-world or real-time imagery.

Another technological advancement in the field of AR is LiDAR. This technology debuted in iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This technology has taken AR to the next level. LiDAR makes it possible to capture high-quality pictures in low light.

By partnering with Ikea, Apple has revolutionized furniture shopping. They have used LiDAR technology to launch a new Studio Mode feature that allows users to point their devices to a specific place where they want to place the furniture, and the technology scans the room to place the furniture virtually.

In 2023 and beyond, you will see AR and VR shaping the mobile application development sector in unimaginable ways. The trend will go mainstream, and you will even see a spike in the uses of AR and VR. Therefore, you must leverage this trend to take your mobile app development process to the next level.

  • Cloud-based applications

Over the past few years, cloud technology has grown exponentially. The technology is growing to become inexpensive as more and more providers are investing in efficient cloud infrastructure. In 2021, cloud technology was the backbone of mobile app development, and the importance of this technology is increasing each year.

Several things you do on your phone or apps, such as ordering food online or booking a cab, use cloud technology.

Thanks to cloud technology, web hosting has become inexpensive, accessible, and much more load efficient. That’s why there’s a quick adoption of this technology, and you can use it in developing your mobile apps for your business.

  • IoT or Smart Things

The IoT, or the Internet of Things, is an ecosystem of intelligent devices that can easily communicate with other devices via the web. From the ovens in your kitchen to the lights in your home, it can be easily controlled via Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

Everyone has warmed up to the idea of using IoT, and most people are incorporating this technology to create better mobile apps. In addition, manufacturers like Nest, Samsung, Honeywell, and Xiomi are building a strong platform at easily accessible price points.

Some trends in IoT mobile apps include self-driving cars, affordable IoT tech, and smart home appliances.

The Bottom Line

These are some mobile app trends businesses must implement to offer the best user experience to their customers and prospects. Also, stay tuned to stay updated about all the latest technological advancements in this field.



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