5 Most Controversial Pinoy TV Shows

5 Most Controversial Pinoy TV Shows

As Filipinos, we love our TV shows. From drama to comedy, we have a wide range of options to choose from. However, some Pinoy TV shows have stirred up controversy and sparked debates among viewers. Whether it’s due to their explicit content or questionable themes, these shows have managed to capture the attention of the public in more ways than one. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 most controversial Pinoy TV shows of all time, as well as some of the weirdest and most popular ones currently on air. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the world of Pinoy television!

Top 5 Pinoy TV Shows of All Time

When it comes to Pinoy TV shows, there are some that have stood the test of time and remain popular even after years of being off the air. These shows have captured the hearts of Filipinos all over the world and have become a part of our cultural identity.

One such show is “Ang Probinsyano,” which has been on air since 2015 and is still going strong. The show follows the story of Cardo Dalisay, a police officer who fights crime and corruption in his hometown. It has become a household name and has even spawned merchandise and spin-offs.

Another iconic Pinoy TV show is “Eat Bulaga!” which first aired in 1979 and is still running today. The variety show features segments such as “Juan for All, All for Juan” and “Bawal Judgmental,” which have become viral sensations online. The show has also launched the careers of many famous personalities in Philippine entertainment.

Other notable Pinoy TV shows include “Mara Clara,” a drama series that aired from 1992 to 1997, “Be Careful With My Heart,” a romantic comedy that aired from 2012 to 2014, and “Goin’ Bulilit,” a sketch comedy show featuring child actors that has been on air since 2005.

These Pinoy TV shows have not only entertained us but have also shaped our culture and identity as Filipinos. They continue to be beloved by audiences young and old, proving that their impact will last for generations to come.

5 Most Popular Pinoy TV Shows Right Now

As of today, Pinoy TV viewers are glued to their screens watching some of the most popular shows on air. One of the top-rated shows is “Ang Probinsyano,” which has been running for over five years now. The show stars Coco Martin, who plays the role of a police officer fighting crime in his hometown. The show’s action-packed scenes and engaging storyline have captured the hearts of many Filipinos.

Another popular show that has been making waves is “It’s Showtime.” This noontime variety show features different segments, such as singing contests, dance competitions, and comedy skits. The hosts’ chemistry and energy make for an entertaining watch that keeps viewers coming back for more.

“Kadenang Ginto” is another hit drama series that has captured audiences’ attention with its intense family drama and plot twists. The show follows two families vying for power and wealth, with a love story thrown into the mix.

The romantic-comedy series “Make It With You” also made it to the list of most popular Pinoy TV shows right now. Starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, the show tells the story of two individuals from different worlds who fall in love while traveling abroad.

Lastly, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano: Cardo Dalisay,” a spin-off of “Ang Probinsyano,” has also been gaining popularity among viewers. The show follows Cardo Dalisay’s journey as he continues to fight crime and protect his loved ones.

These five shows have undoubtedly captured Filipinos’ hearts with their engaging storylines, talented actors, and excellent production value. It’s no wonder why they continue to be some of the most-watched programs on Philippine television today

5 Pinoy TV Shows That Failed Miserably

It’s not uncommon for Pinoy TV shows to fail, despite the best efforts of their creators. Sometimes, a show just doesn’t resonate with audiences or fails to meet expectations. Here are five Pinoy TV shows that failed miserably:

First on the list is a drama series that was supposed to be a comeback project for its lead actress. However, it failed to capture the attention of viewers and was eventually cancelled after only a few episodes. The show suffered from poor writing and lackluster performances.

Next up is a variety show that had high hopes of being the next big thing in Philippine entertainment. Unfortunately, it struggled to find its footing and was plagued by low ratings throughout its run. Despite featuring popular celebrities and segments, it failed to connect with audiences.

Another show that failed miserably was a sitcom that aimed to bring laughter into Filipino homes. However, it fell short in terms of comedic timing and jokes, resulting in lackluster reviews from critics and viewers alike.

A fantasy series also makes the list due to its disappointing performance despite having an interesting premise and talented cast members. It suffered from inconsistent storytelling and production issues which led to its eventual cancellation.

Lastly, a drama anthology series rounds out this list as one of the most forgettable shows in recent memory. Despite featuring well-known actors and actresses, it lacked compelling storylines and failed to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

These five Pinoy TV shows may have missed the mark but they serve as reminders that even with all the resources available, success is never guaranteed in the entertainment industry.

5 Weirdest Pinoy TV Shows Ever

Have you ever come across a Pinoy TV show that made you question its existence? Well, you’re not alone. Here are some of the weirdest Pinoy TV shows ever produced.

First on the list is “Wansapanataym Presents: Remote ni Eric.” The show revolves around a remote control that can manipulate time and space. While the concept may seem interesting, it’s the execution that makes it weird. The storyline is confusing, and the acting is over-the-top.

Next up is “My Little Juan,” which tells the story of a boy who transforms into an adult every time he sneezes. The plot sounds like something out of a children’s book, but this show was marketed towards adults. It’s hard to take it seriously when the lead character keeps sneezing his way through life.

Another bizarre Pinoy TV show is “Kambal Sirena,” which features twin mermaids who fall in love with the same man. The special effects are impressive, but the storyline is cringe-worthy. It’s hard to believe that this show was actually aired on national television.

Moving on, we have “BFGF,” which stands for Best Friends Girlfriend. The show follows two best friends who fall in love with the same girl. What makes it weird is that they both pursue her at the same time, leading to awkward situations and unnecessary drama.

Last but not least is “Munting Heredera,” which tells the story of a young girl who inherits her family’s wealth after her parents die in an accident. What makes this show weird is that it features a talking horse as one of its main characters. Yes, you read that right – a talking horse.

These Pinoy TV shows may be


In conclusion, Pinoy TV shows have always been a source of entertainment and controversy in the Philippines. From the top-rated shows that captured the hearts of millions to the failed ones that left audiences disappointed, there is no denying that these programs have played a significant role in shaping Philippine pop culture. While some shows may have pushed boundaries and sparked debates, others simply left viewers scratching their heads in confusion. Regardless of their reception, one thing is for sure: Pinoy TV shows will continue to captivate audiences with their unique storytelling and diverse themes.


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