How Do I Get an International Phone Number?

How Do I Get an International Phone Number?

In today’s globalized world, having an international phone number can be a valuable asset. Whether you are a business owner looking to expand your reach or a frequent traveler who needs to stay connected with friends and family back home, having an international phone number can make communication easier and more affordable. But how do you get an international phone number? In this article, we will explore the different options available to you.

Option 1: Use Your Existing Phone Provider

The easiest way to get an international phone number is to contact your existing phone provider and ask about their international plans. Many providers offer international calling and texting options that can be added to your existing plan for an additional fee. This option is convenient because you can keep your current phone number and simply add on the international plan as needed.

However, it’s important to note that international plans can be expensive, and the cost can quickly add up if you are making frequent calls or sending a lot of texts. Additionally, some providers may not offer coverage in certain countries, so it’s important to check with your provider before traveling abroad.

Option 2: Use a Virtual Phone Number Service

Another option for getting an international phone number is to use a virtual phone number service. These services allow you to choose a phone number from a different country and use it as your own. Virtual phone numbers can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls and texts, and they are often more affordable than traditional international plans.

Virtual phone number services typically charge a monthly fee for their service, and some may also charge per-minute or per-text fees. However, the cost is usually much lower than what you would pay for an international plan from your existing phone provider.

Option 3: Purchase a Local SIM Card

If you are traveling abroad and need to make local calls or use data, purchasing a local SIM card can be a cost-effective option. A SIM card is a small chip that you insert into your phone to access a local network. By purchasing a local SIM card, you can get a local phone number and take advantage of local calling and data rates.

To purchase a local SIM card, you will need an unlocked phone that is compatible with the local network. You can often purchase SIM cards at airports or local mobile phone shops. However, it’s important to note that using a local SIM card means that your existing phone number will not be active while you are using the local number.

Option 4: Use a VoIP Service

Finally, you can also use a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service to get an international phone number. VoIP services allow you to make calls and send texts over the internet, rather than using traditional phone networks. This can be a cost-effective option for making international calls, as many VoIP services offer unlimited calling to certain countries.

To use a VoIP service, you will need a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. Some popular VoIP services include Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. However, it’s important to note that not all countries allow VoIP services, so it’s important to check before traveling abroad.


Getting an international phone number is easier than ever before thanks to the many options available. Whether you choose to use your existing phone provider, a virtual phone number service, purchase a local SIM card, or use a VoIP service, there is a solution that will meet your needs and budget. By taking advantage of these options, you can stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues no matter where in the world you may be.


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