SEC Filing Reveals Figure of $250 Million for Cagney’s SPAC, Tempkin Bloomberg

SEC Filing Reveals Figure of $250 Million for Cagney’s SPAC, Tempkin Bloomberg

The Rise of SPACs

Special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, have gained significant popularity in recent years. These entities are created solely for the purpose of raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO) with the intention of acquiring an existing company. SPACs offer a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the growth potential of a company before it goes public. The recent surge in SPAC activity can be attributed to their flexibility, speed, and potential for high returns.

Cagney’s Track Record

Mike Cagney is no stranger to success in the fintech industry. He co-founded Social Finance Inc. (SoFi) in 2011 and served as its CEO until 2017. Under his leadership, SoFi became one of the most prominent online lenders, offering student loan refinancing, personal loans, and mortgages. Cagney’s ability to disrupt traditional financial services and leverage technology to provide innovative solutions has earned him a reputation as a visionary entrepreneur.

Tempkin Bloomberg: A Promising Venture

With the launch of Tempkin Bloomberg, Cagney aims to replicate his previous success in the fintech space. The $250 million raised through this SPAC will be used to identify and acquire a target company within the financial technology sector. The SEC filing reveals that Tempkin Bloomberg intends to focus on companies that offer disruptive technologies, innovative business models, and strong growth potential.

Implications for the Fintech Industry

Cagney’s entry into the SPAC market with Tempkin Bloomberg has significant implications for the fintech industry. The influx of capital into this sector will likely fuel further innovation and growth. As Cagney has a proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends, his involvement in Tempkin Bloomberg could attract attention from other investors and entrepreneurs looking to enter the fintech space.

Furthermore, the selection criteria outlined in the SEC filing suggests that Tempkin Bloomberg will target companies that have the potential to disrupt traditional financial services. This aligns with Cagney’s previous endeavors at SoFi, where he successfully challenged established players in the lending industry. If Tempkin Bloomberg can identify and acquire companies with similar disruptive potential, it could further accelerate the transformation of the financial services landscape.


The recent SEC filing revealing a $250 million figure for Mike Cagney’s SPAC, Tempkin Bloomberg, has generated significant interest in the fintech industry. Cagney’s successful track record in disrupting traditional financial services through SoFi has positioned him as a prominent figure in the sector. The launch of Tempkin Bloomberg presents an opportunity for Cagney to leverage his expertise and capital to identify and acquire companies with disruptive technologies and strong growth potential. This venture has the potential to further fuel innovation in the fintech industry and reshape the financial services landscape.


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