Indian company happy over the death of its investor

Indian company happy over the death of its investor

Is the Indian company happy about the death of its own investor or did it make a mistake? A letter in this regard went viral on social media.

According to an Indian media report, the Rajasthan company became the focus of people’s attention by making an interesting mistake in its letter to the stock exchange.

The mistake was none other than ‘glory over the death of the company’s promoter

“We are pleased to inform you that the promoter of our company, Saroj Devi Chhabra, who held 8.76 per cent of the company’s shares, is no longer in this world,” the company wrote in a letter on corporate registration with the stock exchange. Stay.’

It also read that ‘You are requested to bring the above company information on record for your reference and take further necessary action.

The user who shared the screenshot of the letter on social media wrote, “If you leave the world, how cruel this world is.”


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