4 models of men’s casual shoes you must have

4 models of men’s casual shoes you must have

Then an invitation to a special occasion comes along. At this moment, it is common to go in search of outfits to ensure an impeccable look during the get-together. And one factor that usually leaves many guys in doubt concerns the shoes. After all, few people can differentiate casual shoes from formal ones, creating a real dilemma.

Although similar in design to the formal models, the casual versions are those that stand out for their clean appearance, absence of varnish, rubber soles, casual colors, and striking laces. 

The more traditional ones, on the other hand, tend to be made from leather, have elaborate stitching, square spikes, and other effects capable of intensifying the proposal.

Interested in learning more? Great! So, to put an end to your indecision and help you put together a perfect look for any occasion, we have listed the most popular types of casual men’s shoes and gathered some tips on how to choose them properly. Just keep reading this article!

After all, what are the main men’s casual shoes?

To the delight of vain young men, the men’s fashion market is changing. New models are frequently appearing with the proposal of offering maximum comfort, style, and originality to this public.

But of course we can already count on countless models of casual men’s shoes for all profiles. Below, we show you the main ones.

1. Sneakers

Carrying an urban and funky proposal, sneakers have a format inspired by the outfits typically worn on sports courts. Therefore, they may present bright and intense shades, in addition to specific elements to ensure total comfort while stepping. In fact, EVA insoles and rubber soles are some of them.

There are also versions that have a more discreet and sober style, making it easier to combine them even with formal clothes. So, if your idea is to create a product with the sneakers and avoid achieving a sporty result, the recommendation is to combine the shoes with jeans or twill pants, t-shirts or plain and loose shirts.

In environments that require a well-aligned dress code, it is possible to wear sneakers with blazers and leather belts. In this case, however, prefer options based on neutral tones, such as black, white, gray, or beige.

2. Leather boots

Do you like a production full of attitude? Then invest in leather boots! Contrary to what many people think, these shoes can be worn not only in winter, but also throughout the mid-season or on mild sunny days.

The master trick to wear it without getting into trouble is to coordinate it with light clothes, being cotton shirts, plaid prints, and jeans shorts excellent choices.

To follow the casual proposal, bet on the mid-calf leather or suede options. If you want to add an extra touch of style, there are also alternatives composed of buckles, brogues, and other applications. Choose your favorite!

3. Moccasins

Despite being a classic, sapato mocassim are also part of the universe of casual shoes for men. Among its most important features, we highlight the apparent stitching and, in some cases, the decorative buckles, which are useful for those who want to put together an original look.

Years after its creation, the product has become more popular and has gained new versions. Today, we can already find alternatives that can be used in several situations, being excellent for sunny days or parties and gatherings among friends.

As it is a shoe that aims at comfort, the recommendation is to wear it with serge pants, dark-wash jeans, plain T-shirts or discreet prints, as well as serge shorts. In this case, the short pants versions, with the bars folded or at ankle height, are the most indicated. No mistake!

4. Drive

Also the drive, a shoe similar to the moccasin, which is usually made of leather and offers an extremely comfortable experience to the guys.

Among its most important characteristics, we highlight the absence of shoelaces and the sole formed by rubberized “buds” or “squares”. Originally, these elements were created to facilitate the use of the model by individuals who drive, since such design can cause friction on the car pedals.

With the proposal of being practical and functional, the drive can appear in various combinations. The tip is to always invest in the classic versions, in dark or earthy tones, which enable its use on several occasions. To use it, it is still recommended to follow a few precautions:

  • Always wear the model without socks;
  • There is the possibility of coordinating it with chino or social pants;
  • When choosing the pants, prefer the tight versions, which are perfect to balance the production;
  • There is also the possibility of including it in looks with shorts or bermudas.

How to choose the best shoe for each profile?

There is a wide variety of casual men’s shoes. And, with so many options, it can be difficult to select the one that enriches your look. So when this happens, remember to consider a few basic questions. These are

Think about your personal style

The way you dress can interfere directly in the choice of the perfect shoe. Men who follow an urban and casual line, for example, should bet on sneakers or leather boots. On the other hand, if you identify more with classic and discrete elements, consider investing in moccasins or drives.

Analyze the colors

The colors cannot go unnoticed at the time of purchase. Therefore, even carrying a casual proposal, it is important that the shoes have shades that can go with most of your clothes, as usually happens with the options in black, navy blue, moss green, beige, or gray.

Now, if you are a guy who likes to innovate and invest in printed and authentic outfits, you can let your creativity speak louder and resort to more eye-catching models, ranging from blue to yellow, green, or red versions.

Prioritize comfort

Considering comfort will make all the difference in your day to day life – even more when it comes to casual shoes.

First, buy a shoe that is the right size for you. Then, look for products made of leather, which besides being more resistant and durable, allow your feet to accommodate better. Pieces with thick rubber soles and soft insoles should also be prioritized.

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