How alberto matano Broke The Internet

How  alberto matano Broke The Internet

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to become a sensation overnight. Just ask Alberto Matano. The Italian actor and comedian shot to internet fame after a video of him went viral earlier this year. In the clip, Matano can be seen making a series of funny faces and expressions while trying to hold back laughter. It wasn’t long before the video was turned into a meme and Matano became an overnight sensation. But as quickly as he rose to fame, Matano fell just as fast. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Alberto Matano became the internet’s newest sensation and how his 15 minutes of fame came to an end.

Alberto Matano is the internet’s newest sensation. The Italian actor and comedian has taken the internet by storm with his hilarious memes and videos. But how did he become so popular? It all started with a video that Alberto Matano posted on his Facebook page. In the video, Alberto can be seen sitting in a car with his wife and two young children.

His wife is driving while he films himself making funny faces and singing along to a popular Italian song. The video quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and shares. It wasn’t long before people began creating their own memes and videos featuring Alberto Matano. Soon, he was being hailed as the “King of the Internet.”

But as quickly as he rose to fame, Alberto Matano fell from grace. Just a few months after his video went viral, he was involved in a scandal that rocked Italy. Alberto was accused of having an affair with a married woman. The allegations led to his divorce from his wife and cost him his job on an Italian television show. Despite his fall from grace, Alberto Matano remains one of the most popular figures on the internet. His memes and videos continue to be shared by millions of people around the world.

Alberto Matano: the internet’s newest sensation

Alberto Matano has been making headlines recently as the internet’s newest sensation. The Italian actor and comedian has been taking the internet by storm with his hilarious memes and videos. Matano first gained notoriety when he started posting videos of himself lip syncing to popular songs on TikTok. His videos quickly went viral,

amassing millions of views and likes. Matano’s popularity continued to grow when he started posting memes on Instagram. His memes often feature him making funny faces or expressions, and they’re always accompanied by clever captions. In just a few short months, Alberto Matano has become one of the most popular people on the internet. His funny videos and memes have entertained millions of people around the world, and there’s no doubt that he’s here to stay.

How Alberto Matano broke the internet

Alberto Matano’s rise to internet fame is the stuff of legend. The Italian actor and comedian first caught the world’s attention when he appeared on a popular Italian talk show in 2016. His hilarious antics and larger-than-life personality quickly made him a viral sensation, with people all over the world sharing his videos and memes. Matano’s popularity reached new heights in 2017 when he starred in a series of ads for an Italian mobile phone company.

The ads, which featured Matano as a bumbling but lovable salesman, were an instant hit with viewers and helped make him a household name. In 2018, Matano took his talents to the internet, launching his own YouTube channel. His channel, which features vlogs, sketches, and challenges, has quickly amassed a large following, with millions of people tuning in to watch his latest videos. Matano’s success on YouTube has led to him being dubbed the ”

King of the Internet” by some of his fans. And it’s easy to see why – his videos are funny, relatable, and always entertaining. Whether he’s trying out new makeup products or giving relationship advice, Matano always puts a smile on his viewers’ faces. There’s no doubt that Alberto Matano is one of the most popular personalities on the internet today. And with his hilarious videos and endearing personality, it’s easy to see why he’s quickly become everyone’s favorite online star.

The man behind the meme

Alberto Matano is the man behind the now-infamous “Broke the Internet” meme. The meme, which features a picture of Matano with the caption “broke the internet,” has been circulating online for months, but it wasn’t until recently that it blew up to become one of the most popular memes on the internet. Matano is a 23-year-old Italian student who studies computer science.

He says that he first came up with the idea for the meme while he was bored one day and decided to make a fake news website. He never expected that his creation would take off the way it did. The meme has been used by people all over the world to poke fun at various situations, and it has even been turned into a viral video. Matano says that he’s glad his meme has brought some laughter to people during these difficult times.

The rise and fall of Alberto Matano

Alberto Matano was once the internet’s newest sensation. He was a meme machine, churning out hilarious content that had everyone talking. But then, just as quickly as he rose to fame, he fell from grace. What happened? It all started with a video. Alberto Matano uploaded a video of himself lip syncing to the popular song “Gangnam Style.” The video went viral, and soon everyone was talking about Alberto Matano. He became an overnight sensation.

However, not everyone was a fan of Alberto Matano. Some people thought he was talentless and overrated. Others simply found him annoying. The haters started to speak out, and the tide began to turn against Alberto Matano. The final straw came when Alberto Matano made a joke about the September 11th terrorist attacks. This was seen as highly insensitive and offensive, and it resulted in a massive backlash against him. His career took a nosedive, and he soon faded into obscurity.


Alberto Matano’s story is one that is both heartwarming and cautionary. On one hand, he is a man who was able to achieve internet fame and notoriety through his unique and charming personality.

On the other hand, his story is a reminder that the internet can be a fickle mistress. One day you’re on top of the world, and the next you’re yesterday’s news. For Alberto Matano, it seems that his time in the spotlight has come to an end. But who knows? Perhaps he’ll make a comeback one day and break the internet once again.


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