How To Bite a Mosquito Back – The Best Way to Stop Annoying Pests!

How To Bite a Mosquito Back – The Best Way to Stop Annoying Pests!

Are you tired of annoying mosquitoes ruining your outdoor activities or picnics or while you’re just trying to relax? You may have a feeling of helplessness when it comes to swatting away these annoying pests all day. But don’t worry as there is a way to fight back from these pests and that is by biting them back. Read on to find out more about how you can successfully bite a mosquito back!

Identifying a Mosquito

The first step in biting back a mosquito is to identify the kind of mosquito you are dealing with. Knowing which type of mosquito you have to deal with would make the job a lot easier. Mosquitoes can have different colors and can come with different patterns on their bodies, however their size and shape are the same all around. Generally, mosquitoes have a slick, elongated body and measure around 3 to 4 millimeters in length. Their wings and legs also stick out quite a lot, so it should be quite easy to identify them even from a distance.

Preparing To Bite Back

Once you have identified the type of mosquito you are dealing with, it is important to get yourself ready to bite it back. Make sure to wear some clothes that are able to protect yourself if the mosquito decides to bite you. This way, you would be able to protect yourself from any potential harm during the biting process. If it is not possible to cover yourself with clothes, then it would be best to apply some mosquito repellent or cream.

Biting Back With Precision

Once you are fully prepared to bite back a mosquito, ensure that you have a very precise aim. You would want to aim your mouth at the mosquito’s body and not its wings as the wings would be too thin for you to be able to grab onto. Aim for the abdomen area and try to suck it with your mouth. It would be best to carry out this step slowly and carefully as you don’t want to miss because you moved too quickly.

Removing The Mosquito

After you have successfully grabbed onto the mosquito with your mouth, you would want to quickly remove it from your mouth. Make sure to pinch its body with your teeth and pull out the mosquito from your mouth. Be careful as to not crush its body. The most important aspect of this step is to ensure that you do not swallow the mosquito.


The best way to prevent mosquito bites in the future is to make sure you are aware of the type of environment they thrive in. Areas that are surrounded by a lot of water, or are humid are some of the environments that mosquitoes enjoy. Also, make sure to wear protective clothing or apply insect repellent to yourself and your surroundings. This will ensure that you are able to protect yourself from any mosquito bites that may occur in the future.


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