checkr uber airbnb 250m durable capital

checkr uber airbnb 250m durable capital

Reinforcing Trust and Safety in the Gig Economy

The gig economy has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with platforms like Uber and Airbnb revolutionizing the way people work and travel. However, ensuring trust and safety within these platforms is of paramount importance. This is where Checkr comes into play. As a background check provider, Checkr offers comprehensive screening services that enable companies to verify the backgrounds of potential employees or contractors. By partnering with Checkr, Uber and Airbnb aim to strengthen their commitment to safety and reliability.

The Role of Checkr in Uber’s Safety Initiatives

Uber has been at the forefront of implementing safety measures within the ride-hailing industry. With millions of riders and drivers using the platform daily, maintaining a secure environment is crucial. Checkr’s background check services play a vital role in Uber’s safety initiatives. By conducting thorough screenings on potential drivers, Checkr helps Uber identify any criminal records or other red flags that may compromise passenger safety. This collaboration ensures that Uber continues to provide a reliable and secure transportation service.

Enhancing Trust for Airbnb Hosts and Guests

For Airbnb, trust is the foundation of its business model. Both hosts and guests need to feel secure when engaging in home-sharing experiences. Checkr’s background checks provide an extra layer of assurance for both parties. By verifying the identities and backgrounds of potential hosts and guests, Airbnb can ensure a safer and more trustworthy community. This partnership with Checkr demonstrates Airbnb’s commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and security within its platform.

Durable Capital Partners: A Strategic Investor

Durable Capital Partners, a prominent investment firm founded by former T. Rowe Price portfolio manager Henry Ellenbogen, played a significant role in this funding round. With a focus on long-term investments in innovative companies, Durable Capital Partners recognized the potential of Checkr’s services in the gig economy. This partnership not only provides Checkr with additional financial resources but also brings valuable expertise and strategic guidance to support its growth.


The $250 million funding round led by Uber and Airbnb, with the backing of Durable Capital Partners, marks a significant milestone for Checkr. As a trusted provider of background check services, Checkr plays a crucial role in reinforcing trust and safety within the gig economy. The partnership with Uber and Airbnb highlights the importance of thorough screening processes in ensuring the well-being of both users and service providers. With the support of Durable Capital Partners, Checkr is well-positioned to further expand its services and solidify its position as a leader in the background check industry.


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