How to Maintain Full Efficiency of Your Semi Trucks

How to Maintain Full Efficiency of Your Semi Trucks

Operating costs decreased. The truck’s life span increased. Performance increased. These are the foremost benefits when your semi trucks undergo maintenance. In short, your vehicles attain full efficiency with regular maintenance. Hence, more profits.

Trucking experts say, there are different ways of keeping your semis working at their full efficiency.


  1. Regularly check all elements of your 18-wheelers.

Oil and air filters, and tires, especially the engine, must be checked regularly if you want to prolong your vehicle’s life span. To prevent expensive repairs, follow your maintenance schedule to keep the transmission and cooling systems, drivetrain, and other mechanisms operating at peak efficiency.

By that, you can be confident that all your units are roadworthy and thus, your safety is also assured. Besides, preventive truck care also minimizes engine wear and tear and all other major components therein. Such an essential practice can indeed extend your semi truck’s life. The bottom line here is, to avoid costly repairs.

  1. Reduce idling or totally avoid it at all.  

There’s no problem with turning off the engine as long as you’re going to park longer than 30 seconds, not for very brief periods of time. Experts state that idling even for just 10 seconds causes more fuel to burn than if you turn the engine off and then restart it.

So, what do you reap when you avoid idling? Savings on money and fuel, reduced engine wear and other costs related to maintenance, steering clear of damage on the engine, cylinders, spark plugs, exhaust systems, and the like. Most importantly, you contribute to environmental preservation since cutting idling time helps combat pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Be generous with motor oil usage.

Do you know the main advantage of changing your synthetic oil regularly? No impurities can ever pass through, allowing your engine to work at its best with minimal wear and tear as well as less friction. Likewise, your engine can never fail even under extreme temperatures if the oil is clean.

Contrastingly, leaving a dirty oil filter on for quite some time can delay the entry of oil. With contaminated oil, the risk for engine damage is high and that can affect performance. There’s no doubt that changing air and oil filters can be quite costly yet it’s all worth it.

How do air filters work? Acting as a ‘strainer’, these hinder dirt, debris, and dust from clinging to your engine. Any particle that comes in contact with the engine’s combustion may scratch it off and wear such components as the cylinders and bearings.

When that happens, expect poor performance. It might even cost the life of your tractors-trailers. So, when air filters are clean, your engine enjoys clean oxygen needed during the process where fuel is converted into power. Experts recommend that during an oil change, air filters also be changed.

There are still other doable maintenance steps for your semi truck sleeper. But if you can no longer cope with maintenance costs, why not sell it? Used Vending can help you with that. Open this link to find help in selling and then buying a replacement.



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